WMO – Workforce Outsourcing

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  • Full or partial workforce outsourcing (BPO)
  • International support for business’ entering ANZ - No need to wait to set up a local entity
  • Fast turnaround

Managing a contingent workforce through multiple suppliers can be an arduous task, and not managing a contingent workforce can expose your business to a world of risk.

CMO (Contractor Management Outsourcing) is a streamlined process, from on boarding, payment, compliance and management of your contingent workforce. 

Casuals, temps, subcontractors, sole traders ….. With so many types of contingent workers, often they can fly under the radar.

CMO can help track down and manage your contingent workforce, ensuring consistency in contracts, streamlined worker inductions, and a workforce compliant with employment legislation. The CMO provider does not recruit and is supplier agnostic, allowing you to source staff from any avenue.

The simplicity of this process will reduce costs, minimise risk and provide greater visibility of your contingent workforce, allowing for better planning and management.

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