Outsourced Payroll Solutions

There are many reasons why a company might outsource their payroll solutions

For your business, payroll is more than just a transaction. It’s a critical function of your operations and how you reward your employees for their expertise, enabling them to support themselves and ensure their family’s wellbeing. Late payroll or errors create employee dissatisfaction and, at worse, damage to your employment brand.

Outsourcing payroll is no longer just the domain of large companies. At people2people, we support businesses of all sizes with payroll solutions that are scalable, agile, simple and fast to implement — whether you have a few employees or a hundred. 

For large businesses, we have in-depth experience to service the complex requirements of large workforces that may need process re-engineering, process standardisation and automation, and extended payroll services.

For small businesses, payroll can be a time consuming and often overwhelming task that no-one looks forward to. We can provide qualified payroll support to ensure you are on top of deadlines, reporting and an evolving regulatory landscape, giving you more time and resource to focus on your core business — and growing it. 

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Payroll Solutions for Business’ of all sizes

  • Standard & Custom Reporting

    Standard and custom reporting, enabling you to quickly create and run reports. Both can be scheduled and automatically deliver by email to recipients as part of the payroll process.

  • Direct Access to Manage

    Direct access for administrators, managers and employees to manage information and reduce manual and paper based forms.

  • Real Time Employee Analytics

    Real time and easy to view employee analytics, such as headcount, diversity, staff turnover, annual leave balance, sick leave patterns, service length, training hours and flight risk.

  • Mobile App

    A mobile app to allow employees to check payroll details on their smartphones.

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