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RPO is there to act as an extension to your HR team, not replace it. There are times when
your in-house recruitment team needs an extra resource to get the job done. We act as an
extension to your HR team, supporting you to manage the internal recruitment process and
any agency partners you need to engage.
Whether you require someone to manage the whole recruitment process, or just need help
with a special project, our unique ‘unbundled’ service offering allows you to choose which
part of the service you need, and more importantly, only pay for the service you select.

The main benefit is that you reclaim the time spent on transactional, administrative tasks that
our experienced and qualified team can complete for you. The time you save will allow you
to focus on your core business or growing it.
Our support can be ‘in person’ at your premises on a full time, part time or per project basis,
or we can be ‘invisible,’ servicing your needs via our Virtual RPO model.

There are many reasons why a company might outsource their payroll solutions, including:
You need to free up time and resources to concentrate on growing your core business.
Your payroll takes longer than it should and you are constantly running close to deadline.
Your payroll costs more than it should and you need access to specialist expertise and
Your business has grown and you need someone to manage your entire payroll.
You don’t have qualified payroll staff and want peace-of-mind that you are meeting all
legislative requirements such as superannuation, PAYG, payroll tax, and workers’
You are not sure your business would pass an ATO audit.

Outsourcing payroll is no longer just the domain of large companies. At people2people, we
support businesses of all sizes with payroll solutions that are scalable, agile, simple and fast
to implement — whether you have a few employees or a hundred.
For large businesses, we have in-depth experience to service the complex requirements of
large workforces that may need process re-engineering, process standardisation and
automation, and extended payroll services.
For small businesses, payroll can be a time consuming and often overwhelming task that no-
one looks forward to. We can provide qualified payroll support to ensure you are on top of
deadlines, reporting and an evolving regulatory landscape, giving you more time and
resource to focus on your core business — and growing it.

We can deliver a fully outsourced payroll model, partially outsourced, or cloud-based
Software, working in partnership with leading Cloud based payroll provider Datacom.

Situations change all the time and sometimes without notice. We are here to help and will
work collaboratively to support you.

Yes. We operate a state-of-the-art cloud based CRM which you can access at any time to
review all contractor details, as required.

You can still have the freedom to engage as many different suppliers or contractors as your
business needs. The difference is, we will be ensuring consistent management from
contracts, onboarding and inductions to management, compliance and payment.

Rest assured, the established supplier relationships you have built over the years will
continue to be nurtured. We pride ourselves on being vendor neutral, focused on meeting
the needs of your business within the required time frame, through the best possible channel
and all detailed in one invoice.

We will work with you to plan, design and execute an outsourcing solutions model that fits
the unique needs of your business. We know that every business is different, which is why
our range of services can be tailored to meet your needs.
We offer three models as the starting point for tailoring a unique solution to your company’s
recruitment process outsourcing needs. Each model can be provided remotely if you require
confidentiality around a project or are unable to host an additional resource onsite.

Not unless you want them to be! There’s no one size fits all approach and no fixed prices.
Our HR Solutions team works with you to plan, design and execute an outsourcing solutions
model that fits the unique needs of your business — including a pricing structure that works
for you.
Of course, if you want a fixed pricing model, we can do that too. Either way, you’ll have full
visibility of the costs and what you are paying for.