Contractor Management Outsourcing ( CMO )

There are many reasons why a company might outsource their contractor management

From casuals and temps to subcontractors and sole traders, the variety of contractors a business requires to meet their workforce needs continues to grow. Keeping on top of that diversity to ensure everyone has the support they need and doesn’t fly under the radar can be difficult when you are already operating at capacity.

Consistency is key and yet how can you be sure that all your suppliers are on the same page, delivering the levels of compliance and risk management your business needs?

CMO can help you stay across and effectively manage your contingent workforce, by delivering a streamlined process that provides consistency across every touchpoint. Giving you confidence and peace of mind that your compliance and risk management processes are in hand.

You still have the freedom to engage as many different suppliers or contractors as your business needs. The difference is, we will be ensuring consistency management from contracts, onboarding and inductions to management, compliance and payment.

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Contingent Workforce Solutions

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