Career Transitioning Solutions

Career Transitioning Solutions – For employers

An investment in your departing or transitioning employees is a smart strategic decision for your business.

Your employment brand is all about perception, not only of the people leaving your business, but those remaining with you as employees.

Giving your employees the best possible transition experience will enhance your employment brand and contribute to building your reputation as an employer of choice.

We can help you through this challenging process with our career transitioning solution, ‘Career Compass’ — a state-of-the-art online platform, backed by coaching support. Your employees can transition with greater ease as we manage the emotional impact of their
move and set them up for success in their job search.

Career Compass offers each employee customised support. It is more than just resume preparation. Your employees will benefit from end-to-end career planning to support their journey into new employment and beyond.

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Career Transitioning Solutions

 Career Compass  ensures your employment brand is protected while guiding and supporting your employees towards the next phase in their career. 

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