The End of Job Keeper

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“Without significant new government financial support, many businesses that continue to be adversely impacted by COVID-19, particularly in the tourism, travel, wholesale and retail industries will come under renewed liquidity and employment pressure from April this year”.     Guillermo Troncoso, ‘Let’s talk: the end of JobKeeper and what it could mean for your business’, Dynamic Business, March 28, 2021.

The Job Keeper Program ended on March 28, 2021. However, these are unusual times. The Australian economy is recovering, and the job market is trending positively, but we are still living with the pandemic and the impact of no Job Keeper support is creating uncertainty and anxiety for the many companies that have relied on it to continue to operate. In the coming months, companies will have to make difficult decisions about the future of their business and the impact on employees. Employees of course feel anxious about the financial impacts of potentially losing a job.


The most effective way for companies to support employees is to provide proactive career planning for employees, or in the case of staff cuts, an outplacement program to help employees be job market ready to transition to the next role.

For many companies facing a difficult operating environment and an uncertain future supporting employee with career planning may not be top of mind. However, it is the right thing to do, from a business reputation standpoint and from an employee’s mental health perspective. The good news is there are things that organisations can do to give employees control, manage their anxiety, and give them the best chance to transition to a new role.

By providing exiting employees with an outplacement program, companies are proactively demonstrating that they value their employees and will support them through tough times.

Investing and supporting employees with professional career coaching has immense benefits. Despite the initial anxiety of staff cuts and job losses a good career coach, with a defined process can help employees focus on prospective job opportunities, regain confidence, self-esteem and, ultimately, employment.


Career Compass

people2people HR Solutions’ Career Compass support companies to empower their people to make career moves with the resources they need to succeed in their next role by providing access to experienced coaches and comprehensive online resources, featuring essential tools for conducting a successful career change and transition to a new role in as little time as possible. The program is ideal for employees who are not just looking for work, but also may be employed and looking for direction and guidance on where their career could go next using our structured career planning process Career Compass.

Career Compass offers a range of affordable career support options and can be tailored to meet an organisation’s needs. Explore our career transitioning solutions for employers, and our career coaching and planning services.



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