Is the Covid-19 pandemic changing your career plans?

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Has the impact of Covid-19 have you weighing up your career options or even thinking about making a big career change? It’s clear, many businesses and industries won’t be the same post Covid-19.

The impact of people who work in these industries will be significant and will undoubtedly result in individuals looking to reset their career and look for safer employment havens. For many, the past few months has been the perfect time to reflect on their career and in turn, has been the motivation to explore a big change.

“I’m unhappy at work and my role doesn’t challenge me anymore”, “I want to do something completely different, I need growth”, “I like my company, but I want a better role”, “I don’t know where to start”? and “I don’t think my industry will ever recover, I need to consider my options” are familiar conversations which create the perfect career storm!

In today’s environment, working from home, and with more time to think, there are thousands of people considering their career options and in need of career counselling to find a new direction. Often when prompted with the question “what do you want to do next? “A typical response is something like “Not this. But I don’t really know what I want to do next”! Pondering the truly big questions like How did I get here? What am I doing that I really don’t like to do? What shall I do next? What really motivates me? Can be truly daunting and liberating at the same time.

What if you could create a new direction for yourself? How do you make the change? Too many people shy away from the big questions, in many cases because they are wrestling with them on their own.

Given that Covid-19 has for many of us resulted in more time to reflect, there may be never a better time than right now to change the course of your career and life, but doing it alone is hard. With a good career coach to help you answer the core questions Who am I? Where am I?, Where do I want to go? And How am I going to get there? You can get a clear understanding of who you are from both a professional and personal perspective. Through this process, you’ll establish and identify career options, and then build a strategy to achieve your job objective, which includes mastering new skills, using your talents and transferable skills to move on to a new position and career where you are happier.

You can do this too. It takes time but your happiness is worth the effort. Where do you want to be in the next five years? Is it time to reset your Career Compass?

P2P HR Solutions’ Career Compass empowers people to make their career moves with the resources they need to succeed in their next role by providing access to experienced coaches and comprehensive online resources, featuring essential tools for conducting successful career change and moving into the next stage of your life in as little time as possible.




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