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Concerns about a possible recession have been in the air for a few years, but with the recent challenges, Australia and the world face these concerns are more imminent. Many economists now say that the economic indicators point towards a possible recession in the immediate future. A recession impacts everyone differently, impacting consumers’ wallets one way or another but things can become particularly painful when it affects peoples’ livelihoods, through job losses and reduced working hours.

Getting laid off from a job is the most painful consequence of a recession, as organisations look to protect their businesses in the short term and position themselves for growth as conditions change. While having a solid career plan in place doesn’t make employees recession-proof, it does put them in a better position if the worst-case scenario does occur!

To meet market and employee demands for self-directed career development activities to progress inside an organisation, or to exit a business, P2P HR Solutions has developed Career Compass, an online career transition platform that is structured, integrated and comprised of a fully configurable set of tools to help employees facilitate every aspect of their career transition program, and take control of their careers.

The Career Compass platform can be combined with 1:1 coaching and programs, delivered in person or remotely, and can be customised to meet an employee group or an individual’s needs, empowering employees with structured career planning to meet potential career challenges. Key features of Career Planning include:
• Understand Yourself/Assessments/Job Fit
• Resume Preparation and Marketing (Personal Branding)
• Career Research & Management
• Interview Training
• Networking

Proactively providing career planning support for your employees is the right thing to do and smart business to guard against operational and brand risk both inside and outside your organisation.

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