Are You an Employer of Choice?

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Sometimes it’s hard to find the right person for the role you have advertised, especially if you’re in the market for a specific skill set.

As recruiters, our responsibility to our clients is to source those skills, whether through our network, advertisements, data-base searches, or going out into the broader marketplace to seek out that skill set. Often this means speaking with people who are already in roles where they are comfortable, and potentially earning more than what you have on offer.

We can find those people, and we can present them to you, but ultimately the decision to join you, or stay with their current employer is about what you can offer THEM, and not just what they are able to offer you.

More Than Money

The good news is that, for a lot of people, it’s not ALWAYS about the money.

We speak with a lot of people, week on week. Job seekers, employers, those wishing to re-join the market after a break, or those looking to move between companies. What we learn through these conversations is that candidates are interested in more than just their salary package.

Incentives such as flexible work hours, wellness and health programs, insurances, and other commercial benefits (work car, work phone, work computer) all come into play when people decide whether to leave the company they are with and commence with a new employer.

Offering great incentives not only entices potential high performers, but it also has immediate pay back for the business.

Much of the today’s research demonstrates that healthy work environments promote efficiency and a positive culture, and they decrease sick-leave and stress-induced illnesses. And the market knows it.

Ask Yourself These Questions

So, if you are having trouble finding and on-boarding that skilled person, or if you’re experiencing high-turnover within your business – or even within a specific role – you need to ask yourself, as the leader, what can you change to make working for you more advantageous than working for your competitors? What can you offer outside of a salary package, to make that person with the right skills come to you?



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