Workplace Initiatives Driving Workplace Culture

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Employee wellbeing is a very hot topic at the moment and many organisations are exploring ways to keep their teams engaged, productive and in the business for a long time. The challenges with initiatives are:

  • What do you offer?
  • Does it cover the office demographics?
  • It is consistent and how do you manage it?
  • Does it add value?

The more people I meet, the more say that money is a factor when looking for a new career option, but the need for the right culture fit is critical.  When they attend interviews, they are no longer going in with the sense of “they have to employ me” but more so “do I want to work for them?”  Which is why a number of organisations are exploring options that they can introduce in the workplace to add to a positive culture…without breaking the budget!

What we are hearing in the marketplace currently is:

  • A simple fruit basket in the common area goes a long way to show appreciation but also helps healthy eating…
  • A quarterly lunch / BBQ to show appreciation
  • Flexible working hours
  • Lunch time yoga or massage
  • External partnerships – working with outside businesses to offer discounted rates to gyms, travel etc.
  • A crèche on site for young families
  • Reward and recognition – employee of the month / quarter / year in the form of a trophy or vouchers

The list of options is only as narrow as your imagination. The challenge is to ensure you cover all demographics – what motivates a Baby Boomer won’t necessarily do the same for a millennial. Ultimately, that little gesture can go a very long way for the team and/or office culture which can impact the bottom line of your business.

We would love to hear what your organisation does to add value to you and your colleagues, or as an employee, what you would love your employer to offer you. Sometimes, sharing best practice helps an organisation and an economy as well!



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